From Pearlcore to Silky Sleepwear: Pinterest Predicts These Style Trends Will Take Over in 2022

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Jeff Kravitz.

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Pinterest just released its annual trend report, and there's plenty of style inspiration to keep you excited through the new year. The social media platform, which is the go-to search engine for fashion lovers hunting for the latest and greatest, offers style inspiration and shopping all-in-one. So, it's no surprise that they're usually the first to know when a trend is about to be everywhere. Last year's “Pinterest Predicts” release was right on point (8 out of 10 of Pinterest's forecasts came true in 2021). In short, there is a lot to look forward to when it comes to fashion.

Below, we take a look at the style trends that Pinterest predicts will dominate in 2022.


Pearls are timeless and elegant additions to any outfit or accessory. Formerly considered old-fashioned, pearls can be worn by anyone and at any age. Pinterest predicts pearls will be taking over the world of fashion. Pearl gowns (+3x) are predicted to grow in demand on the platform. Case in point? Barbie Ferreira’s pearl-encrusted 2021 Met Gala number landed her on plenty of best-dressed lists (including our own). The model and Euphoria actor paid homage to old Hollywood glamour by wearing a Jonathan Simkhai on the red carpet.

Pinterest also predicts classic pearl rings (+2x) and pearl necklaces for men (+7x) will be trending in 2022—proof that pearls are extremely versatile and can be worn by all. You can decide to go all out with pearlcore or keep it minimal with light iridescent accents and jewelry.

Dopamine Dressing

Bright colors are expected to take over our wardrobes in 2022. The trend has been all over the most recent fashion week catwalks, with every colors of the rainbow represented. Fuschia (+4x) and electric blue (+140%) are the two colors Pinterest predicts will be the most in-demand. Vibrant outfits (+16x) and gradient dresses (+95%) are also expected to be trending next year. Fashion is all about making a statement and feeling good in your own skin, and infusing your wardrobe with bold colors is a great way to do so.

Oh My Goth

Goth-inspired fashion is also slated to make a comeback. Think lots of cutouts, vintage-style corsets, and mix-matching textures such as leather, vinyl, and sheer fabrics. The trend is expected to be popular across all age groups and to be adapted to other fashion styles. Goth business casual (+90%), goth cowboy (+70%), goth baby clothes (+120%), and goth pajamas (+185%) are all on Pinterest's radar for next year. If this trend were a celebrity couple, Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly would be at the top of the list. Goth fashion has also been all over TikTok, with users sharing their love for cutouts, dark colors, and fishnets on the #gothfashion tag, which has almost 130 million views and counting.

All Checkered Everything

Checkers are also having a moment. Pinterest indicates millennials and boomers are driving this trend, and that men are embracing the tiled pattern. Checkerboard pattern (+160%) and checkered suit men (+95%) are expected to blow up in 2022. Checkers can come in all different colors and sizes, which makes it a highly wearable trend. You can dress up or down in checkers—think streetwear inspired maxi shirts or preppy skirts and coats.

Silky Sleepwear

There's something inherently luxurious about silky sleepwear. Not only does it feel soft to the touch, but it also makes going to bed feel like a fancy ritual. Lounge lingerie (+96x), silk nightgown aesthetic (+8x), and satin nighty (+2x) are all expected to be popular next year. As most of us spend time at home more than ever, there's no reason why your pajamas and loungewear shouldn't get the attention they deserve. Silk shirts and pants are not only unisex but can also be worn outside the house for an elevated yet comfortable look.

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