This Toner Is So Good Molly Sims Wishes She Could Soak in It

Plus, the best skincare advice she ever received.

Molly Sims

Cassidy Cooper / @cassidyblisscooper

What I Put On My Face

All skin is good skin, which is why good skincare is more of a journey than a destination. We all love a one-off tip—but, at Byrdie, we’re more interested in how our skin evolves over time. The product we've used for a decade, the ingredient cocktail that made us glow, the step we never skip, and all the advice in between. This is the stuff that makes a real difference. With What I Put on My Face, we’re bringing you the rituals, recommendations, and failed experiments (we’ve all had them) straight from celebrities, founders, and influencers who’ve gone through it themselves.

Molly Sims has a mile-long resume, boasting titles like TV host, actress, and founder. Now, she's best known for her honest takes on motherhood, relatable moments, and all things beauty, front-and-center on her social media platforms. Whether she's hilariously (and intimately) self-depricating—she posts often about her misadventures in parenting—drinking wine out of a comically large vessel, or recommending a new skincare product, Sims is popping up on explore pages everywhere.

Her particular brand of mom humor is impossible not to love—even if you're not a parent yourself. So, when she announced her new beauty podcast, Lipstick on the Rim, we were immediately on board. Sims and her co-host Emese Gormley have enough chemistry to carry off a daytime talk show (they’ve been best friends for years) and plenty of beauty know-how to keep up with their expert guests. Think of the Lipstick hosts as "girlfriends on speed dial" ready to unpack the makeup, hair, skincare, and wellness topics you're curious about.

In short, there's plenty of good chat and industry insight to set this beauty podcast apart. Don’t believe us? Check out her latest episode with Byrdie SVP/GM Leah Wyar, where they cover everything from the death of lash extensions to the efficacy of clean beauty. And when you're done listening, scroll down to learn all about Molly Sims's skincare routine, product essentials, and more.

Her Biggest Skincare Concerns

I used to have extremely acne-prone skin and went on Accutane in my 20s, 30s, and a small dose in my 40s. Then, when I had my third kid, Grey, I got severe hyperpigmentation and melasma. Then I was on a mission to [keep my skin healthy].

Molly Sims

Cassidy Cooper / @cassidyblisscooper

The Person Who Got Her Into Skincare

I’ve always been into skincare. My mother instilled it in me when I was so young—she was the queen of putting castor oil on her face. And when I say castor oil, I mean she put it all over her body and sometimes her face. Talk about ahead of her time! She had very different skin than I do, but she always talked to me about taking care of my skin. My mom always looked 10 years younger than her actual age.

After pregnancy with my third child, Grey, I got serious about my skin. I saw Nurse Jamie, and she told me that I was inflaming my skin by using too many “lightening” products for my melasma. And by doing so, I kept stripping it of moisture. Then, I had to figure out a system of how to create a balance. I also saw Dr. Haleh Bakshandeh simultaneously, who taught me the beauty of radiofrequency micro-needling... it’s a game-changer!

Her Morning vs. Night Routine

My morning routine is very simple. I wash my face with Seiso's Foaming Cleanser ($38), apply a Vitamin C serum (you can never go wrong with SkinCeuticals C E Ferulic, $166), and Supergoop GlowScreen ($36). For my last step, I use the OleHenriksen Banana Bright Eye Cream ($39).

For the evening, I go a little stronger. I still cleanse with Seiso’s foaming cleanser, then I apply the big daddy: the Biologique Recherche’s P50 1970 Toner. Then, I layer it with Sarah Chapman’s Overnight Facial ($86), and top it off with a moisturizer—I like Augustinus Bader’s The Cream ($85) or Peter Thomas Roth’s Water Drench Hyaluronic Acid Moisturizer ($52). I always finish with a hydrating eye cream like Tatcha’s Silk Peony Melting Eye Cream ($60). Lastly, if I have a pimple making its way to the surface of my skin, I swear by ZitStika Patches ($29).

Molly Sims

Cassidy Cooper / @cassidyblisscooper

The Skincare Step She Never Skips

Sunscreen. That’s the number one skincare rule. If you need to do anything, it’s sunscreen. Also, Vitamin C—it’s the ultimate cardinal rule for skin radiance.

How Her Routine Changed Over the Years

It’s changed so much over time. But that’s what happens—your skin goes through a cycle. I used to use Noxzema (remember that?)—that was my bible. And I would strip and strip my skin because I thought it would cure my acne. It didn’t. And now I use a “less is more" approach.

I learned that you need to stop overdoing the lasers and peels. I think once you find a system that works for you, you stick with it. I mean, I still love to try new products... all the time, but it has to be worth it! Also, I swear by at-home devices like NuFace, ice rolling, and gua sha. Implementing that in your day-to-day routine is huge for facial toning and de-puffing.

One of the biggest mistakes I ever made was using toothpaste on a pimple. I slept with it on, and IT BURNED ME. Never again.

Molly Sims

Cassidy Cooper / @cassidyblisscooper

The Product That’s Made the Biggest Difference

Biologique Recherche’s P50 1970 toner—I would soak in that stuff for the rest of my life.

The Best Skincare Advice She’s Ever Received

If you strip, put moisture back in. Over-stripping causes redness and inflammation. That one came from Nurse Jamie.

Her Biggest Skincare Pet Peeve

My ultimate skincare pet peeve is when people use too much retinol and when they over-exfoliate. If you want to do peels, do mini-peels. Your skin isn’t meant to take all those harsh ingredients. If you can tell that someone has had something done, then it was not done well.

Molly Sims

Cassidy Cooper / @cassidyblisscooper

The Product She Uses the Most

I sound like a broken record but Biologique Recherche’s P50 1970 toner. Honestly, I should have stock in that company by now.

The Best New Skincare Product She’s Tried Recently

Rodial’s SPF Drops ($72). You can’t go wrong with anything by Rodial.

For more from Byrdie and Molly Sims, catch the episode from Lipstick on the Rim featuring Byrdie GM Leah Wyar here.

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