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Microneedling Eyebrows May Help Them Grow Faster—Here's Why

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8 Tips for Maintaining Your Brows, From South Asian Women

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From Benetint to They're Real, 10 of Our Favorite Benefit Cosmetics Products

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Yes, Eyebrow Transplants Are a Thing—Here's How It's Done

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How to Draw on Fluffy, Natural-Looking Eyebrows: A Step by Step Guide

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Investing in Microblading? Here's How Long You Can Expect it to Last

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Brow Lifts Are Hugely Popular in Hollywood and on Instagram—Here's What You Need to Know

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If You've Over-Plucked Your Brows, Never Fear—Here's How Long They'll Take to Grow Back

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I Tried a $50 At-Home Brow Lamination Kit, and the Results Were Astonishing

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Will Rogaine Help Grow Fuller Eyebrows? We Investigate

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6 Experts Share Their Best At-Home Brow Maintenance Tips and Tricks

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Microfeathering Is Microblading For People Who Want a More Subtle Look

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How to Reverse the Fate of Tapered Brows

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How To Use Concealer For Perfectly Shaped Brows

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A Step-by-Step Guide For Lightening Your Eyebrows

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8 Things I've Learned About Tinting My Own Brows and Lashes

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Brow Lamination Is the Secret to Thick, Fluffy, Instagram-Worthy Brows

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"Grandma Brows" Is the Weird Makeup Trend That Has Low-Key Transformed My Face

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Makeup Artists Say No One Will Be Wearing Their Brows This Way in 2019

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The 12 Best Drugstore Eyebrow Pencils on the Market

9 Shopping Secrets Ulta Employees Don't Want You to Know

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The Truth About Using Castor Oil to Grow Your Eyebrows

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The 10 Best Expert- and Editor-Approved Eyebrow Growth Serums

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Unpopular Opinion: Here's Why the Thick Eyebrow Trend Bothers Me

6 At-Home Hacks for Growing Emilia Clarke–Level Brows

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The 10 Best Eyebrow Brushes for Perfectly Feathered Brows

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Vaseline for Your Eyebrows: Can It Make Them Grow Fuller?

Essential Tips: How To Grow Out Your Brows

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The Best Brow Powders for Next-Level Arches

How to Avoid Eyebrow Breakouts

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Eyebrow Microshading vs. Microblading: The Real Difference

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All My Secrets for Perfect Brows, by Olivia Culpo

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What Your Brow Shape Says About Your Personality

We Photographed the Real Differences Between Brow Pencils, Powders, and Gels

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These DIY Brow-Tinting Transformation Photos Are Actually Mesmerizing

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Lift Your Brows in 7 Simple Steps

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From Copper to Auburn, These Are the Best Eyebrow Pencils for Redheads

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10 Little-Known Facts About Your Brows

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I Started Tinting My Eyebrows With Beard Dye, and Honestly, It's a Game Changer

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How to Fill in Eyebrows for a Natural Look

The One Place You're Forgetting to Highlight (That Makeup Artists Always Do)

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The Simple Way to Banish Eyebrow Dandruff

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This Is the Most Universally Flattering Brow Color, According to Reddit

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Don't Shoot the Messenger: Eyebrows Are a Sneaky Sign of Aging

How to Get Thicker, Fuller Brows the Easy Way

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How to Get Perfectly Arched Eyebrows, No Matter Your Natural Brow Shape

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Yep, I Bleached My Eyebrows—See the Photos

I've Gotten Hundreds of DMs About My Brows—So, Here's Everything I Use

10 Things Girls With Great Eyebrows Always Do

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From 1920 to Today: The Epic Evolution of Eyebrows

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Pencil, Powder, or Gel? What Brow Tools You Should Actually Be Using

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How to Fill in Your Eyebrows for a More Natural Look