This Acne Treatment Shrank My Maskne In Half—Overnight

Kate Somerville EradiKate Acne Treatment

Rachel Dube

With the increase in mask-wearing and stress, it’s no wonder that the term “maskne” has become part of our daily vernacular. Between myself and those around me, the term is brought up at least once a day—if not more. That said, breakouts haven't been an issue for me in my adult life. With the implementation of a regimented skincare routine, I managed to tackle all of my past high school breakout issues. Add masks to the mix, though, and my chin and cheeks have been sweaty, clogged, and breaking out for months.

I wanted to find a spot treatment that would help. It couldn’t dry out my skin or cause an increase in redness or inflammation. Although this seems like an easy task, I tried countless products before finding Kate Somerville's EradiKate Acne Treatment. It’s the only product that I have tried that not only doesn’t dry out my sensitive skin, but that has shown real results, and quickly. 

Bottom Line: It Works

Kate Somerville's Eradikate Acne Treatment has become an essential part of my nightly skin-clearing skincare regimen.

Kate Somerville EradiKate Acne Treatment

Star Rating: 5/5

Best For: Unexpected breakouts, clearing existing breakouts, and preventing future breakouts

Uses: Acne spot treatment 

Active Ingredients: Sulfur 

Byrdie Clean? Yes

Price: $26

About the Brand: Kate Somerville Skincare was established as a way for Kate Somerville to share her skincare solutions with the world. Her products are aimed at helping skincare issues including aging, acne, irritation, and more.

About My Skin: "Normal" With Bouts of Rosacea

My skin is pretty unproblematic for the majority of the year, with the exception of extra oil during summer day and some dryness in winter. Additionally, from time to time, I do have rosacea flare-ups on my cheeks. I would undoubtedly say I take very good care of my skin and stick to a pretty regimented routine, with the addition of new products here and there. 

What I use in my routine differs slightly depending on what I’m testing at the moment, but it always follows the same basic format. In the morning, I’ll begin by washing my face with a cleanser. I’ll then follow it with vitamin C serum, moisturizer, and sunscreen. Currently, I’m using Image Skincare’s Ormedic Cleanser in the morning along with Skinceuticals' Serum 10, Caudalie’s Vinoperfect Brightening Moisturizer, and Supergoop! Unseen Sunscreen. At night, I’ll typically double cleanse my face with a cleansing balm and gel cleanser. I’ll follow that with an anti-aging serum, eye cream, and moisturizer. At night, I’m currently using Erborian’s Solid Cleansing Oil, Skinceuticals' LHA Cleanser, Image Skincare’s The Max Wrinkle Reducer, Tony Moly's Moisture Boost, and Erno Laszlo's Hydra-Therapy Gel Cream. Once or twice a week, I also try to incorporate different masks but these vary based on how my skin feels, what I’m testing, and what my concerns are for that week. 

In the past, I’ve tried a plethora of acne treatments. I’ve found that benzoyl peroxide treatments are too strong for my skin and cause an increase in dryness and redness. In addition, I have also tried a wide variety of salicylic acid acne treatments from different brands. Although highly recommended by friends, the salicylic acid acne treatments either didn’t show results or increased redness or inflammation in my skin. Overall, I just didn’t see the results that I was looking for with those other products. So, I tried this sulfur-based treatment and it worked.

Kate Somerville EradiKate Acne Treatment
Kate Somerville EradiKate Acne Treatment $26

The Active Ingredients

The main difference between EradiKate and other acne spot treatments on the market is the high concentration of sulfur. EradiKate contains a concentration of 10 percent sulfur, the highest concentration allowed in an acne product per the FDA. Sulfur is easier on my skin than salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide, and tends to be a better option for individuals with sensitive skin. It can clear pre-existing acne—by reducing sebum (oil) on the skin, zits dry out quickly—and the antibacterial properties stop future acne in its tracks.

The Feel: Not Too Thick or Thin, and Dries Nicely

When using an acne product, consistency is key. EradiKate is not too thick or thin on your skin, making it a dream texture for an acne product. The only real distinguishing property is its light pink color. Upon application, it feels a little wet. However, when it dries, it feels like nothing is there at all. I almost forget I applied it in the first place. As an added bonus, it didn’t leave any residue on my pillowcases. 

Kate Somerville EradiKate
Rachel Dube

The Impressive Results

The reason I fell in love with EradiKate was because of the extraordinary results. Upon first use, I saw a zit shrink in half overnight. I downplayed it at first, but then realized I had found a holy grail acne spot treatment. Let’s be honest, finding holy grail products of any kind is no easy feat. EradiKate was also the only acne treatment that didn’t increase redness or inflammation on my skin. To me, it's a miracle in a bottle. 

The Before + After

acne spot treatment
Rachel Dube

The Value: Worth It, but Still Pricey

EradiKate is $26 for 1 ml of product. As compared to competitors, it is just a little bit more expensive. Although, very little is needed for each use, even if you’re someone who consistently gets breakouts. In my opinion, the incredible results make it worth those extra pennies. 

Similar Products: You Have Options

Mario Badescu Drying Lotion
Mario Badescu Drying Lotion $17

There are plenty of acne treatments on the market that can technically be compared to EradiKate, but the most similar is by Mario Badescu's Dry Lotion. The consistency, price, and pink color show similarities to EradiKate. However, the ingredients, which play a major role in skincare, differ and that’s what makes all the difference. For me personally, the results of EradiKate were life-changing, whereas the Mario Badescu treatment was just “eh.” It was highly recommended to me by so many friends who all had amazing results with it. However, I found it to be very drying and just didn’t give me the desired results. 

The Verdict: Worth Every Single Penny

Overall, Kate Somerville's EradiKate Acne Treatment is the best acne treatment I have tried to date. It reduces my zits in half overnight, prevents future breakouts, and doesn’t leave any residue on my pillowcases. It has earned itself a spot in my bathroom. 

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