5 Spring Guest Dresses for Every Type of Wedding

Add these to your short list.

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Spring has sprung, the temps are rising, and wedding season has arrived. 

It seems as though there are so many wedding guest rules and questions: don’t wear white is the most obvious, but what’s the difference between formal and semiformal? What do I wear to a wedding on the beach? There are a few factors to consider like the time of the wedding, the venue, and the temperature. In this case, for spring and summer, you’ll want to go for a lighter material and color. For outdoor and daytime weddings, you can have fun with length and patterns; and for weddings after 6, you’ll want to bring the hem down. Heading to the beach? Look for something light and flowy that won’t drag in the sand.

Luckily for you, Rent the Runway takes the guesswork out of this entire process. You can filter their website to your specific needs from wedding type, color, and theme. Now, you may be wondering what the benefits are to renting a dress instead of buying one from your local store—I’m glad you asked. Why spend hours shopping from store to store, in person or online, or dishing out major bucks for a dress you’re only going to wear once? Been there, done that! The great thing about Rent the Runway is that instead of spending hundreds on a dress you’re going to wear once, you can rent up to 4 for only $69 during your trial month. Bonus: You can also shop everything from purses to jewelry which makes Rent the Runway a one-stop shop for all of your wedding guest needs. With the code BYRDIE30 you can receive 30% off 2 Months of 8 item membership or 30% off a one-time rental that is above $75.

Say goodbye to your wedding guest dress woes, and hello to five options for every dress code, location, and style. Keep scrolling to see how I made the most of my picks for every type of wedding this spring and summer.


Jay Godfrey gown

What’s more classic than a black dress? This elegant floral length Jay Godfrey gown checks all the boxes on elegance, style, and quality. The beauty is in the details from pleated design on the bust area to the single off the shoulder moment making this the perfect dress for an evening wedding.


Purple dress

This long, powder blue dress is the perfect marriage of semi-formal but for spring. Slits make it easier to dance the night away when wearing a gown and the cross detail on the back adds a little razzle dazzle to this simple yet refined option.


Purple tie dress

Here’s where you can really begin to play with length and patterns. This Nicholas dress truly makes a statement. From the twisted neckline to the color blocking, you’ll look good and feel even better. Bonus: this dress does not wrinkle so if you’re thinking about packing it for a wedding away you won’t have to worry about taking too much time to iron it. The ribbed material truly makes this a great option for any season.

Daytime Casual

light purple dress

Cottagecore is super trendy right now and is a perfect option for a daytime casual affair. The cutouts keep it fun and flirty and adds shape while the cotton fabric will keep you cool all day long. I love this dress because it’s effortless enough to fall into the casual dress code but is still has structure and can be paired with heels to make a statement.


Red floral garden dress

Spring=florals and this dress speaks for itself. The bold and vibrant pattern is perfect for a garden or destination wedding as it flows with every step you take. Think: Maxi dress with extra flare from the cinched neckline to the cutout ribs. 

You can rent (or buy!) any of these dresses from Rent the Runway. Happy shopping! Remember, use the code ​​BYRDIE30 for 30% OFF 2 months of 8 item plan or 30% OFF a one-time rental.